General Admission

Want to experience everything Staggered 2024 has to offer? General Admission tickets are for you! These Weekend Tickets are available now and include a limited edition Staggered 2024 T-shirt . We are allowing pre-registered vehicles to park their car for display on Saturday evening (Sept 2nd) before the show. Pre-register now and save!

General Admission Tickets

Show Car Section

If you think your car is the best of the best, sign up to be part of the show! All show cars will be reviewed to be part of the elite Neck Breakers class upon arrival. If you think your car is good enough to be considered ahead of time please email photos and description with your information to [email protected]

Parking in this section your car will be judged for an award in the following classes:

Top 10
Best OEM+
Neck Breaker
Best Import
Best Euro
Best VAG
Best Interior
Best Bay
Best Drift Build
Enthusiasts Fastest
Lap Advanced Fastest Lap
Best Booth
Kei Car P1 

Show Car Tickets

Track Attack!

We are so excited to offer Track Attack racing at Staggered 2024!

Track Attack groups will be set up based off the drivers track experience and car type. Cars are limited to vehicles with a production date in the 80's, 90's and 2000's, anything 2011 or newer will not be allowed. Please refer to the Event Information page and your ticket details prior to purchasing and select the appropriate ticket for your experience. Advance group requires approval prior to purchasing, see Event Info Page for more details.

You need a mylaps transponder if you want your times recorded. We do not have these available for rent unfortunately.All vehicles must have proper safety equipment appropriately, See the Staggered 2024 Tech Rules Here.

Track Attack Tickets

Exhibition Parking

Want to show off your ride? Don't care for an award? This is for you! Show off your awesome ride to the crowd and park among the other Exhibition cars. Exhibition parking will be located on the skid pad.

All exhibition cars will be up for the Best of Exhibition award!

Exhibition Tickets